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Sell Your Old Junk Cars!

If you have a car that's been sitting in your garage or driveway for a while, and you're not sure what to do with it, then you can get cash for junk cars in San Diego. Instead of continuing to let the car take up space that you can use for parking a running car, or creating some type of project in the garage, get rid of the car by junking it, and get some cash for it.

Reasons To Junk A Car

There are several reasons why you may want to junk a car. If a car is no longer running, and it would cost more to fix it than it's worth, then you may consider junking it for cash. Sometimes the parts needed for the car cannot be found, because the car is outdated, or the parts are no longer available. Other reasons for junking the car could be because it's just taking up space, and no longer needed. Sometimes a car is damaged beyond repair and no longer usable; only for parts. Whatever the reason may be to junk your car, you should consider doing it, as opposed to letting it sit there and rot.

What Can I Get For A Junked Car?

Every car is different, so depending on how good the car is, or the value, you'll get more for your car. Rates usually start from around $150 and go up from there, depending on several factors. The weight of the car, how much metal it has, the usefulness of the parts, as well as the overall value of the car is considered, when junkers pay for a car.

How Do I Get My Junk Car To The Buyer?

When you're junking your car, you can get it towed for free to the location that is purchasing your car. Usually a junk car is not running, and needs to be moved, so free towing will help to get it to the next location, and will save you some worries.

What Cars Do You Buy?

Any car can be sold to a Junker, as long as it has some value or parts that can be used. Even trucks and vans can be sold to junkers, as long as they have useful parts. The more a car or truck weighs, the better, and the more good parts it has, the better. Cars must be as intact as possible, and should not be hollowed out shells. Even if the car only has mechanical issues, they can be sold to a Junker.

Where Are You Located?

You can get cash for junk cars in San Diego, and be able to get your money, and go on your way as quickly as possible. Consider using our services when you're junking a car.

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