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Trying to sell your car without any takers? Look no further than Cash For Cars Now! We are a top -of- the- line company located in San Diego with 13 years of professional experience in the car buying business.

Our Mission:

We care passionately about our work and strive daily to provide outstanding customer service to each individual that we serve. Our focus is to make the car selling experience as smooth, efficient and painless as possible. With this focus in mind, we aspire to have a 100% customer satisfaction rate as well as a 100% customer return rate. We cannot achieve this success without providing you, the customer, with a unique and personalized sale tailored to your needs. We aim to leave an impression that will have you returning to Cash For Cars Now for all of your car selling needs.

Our Work:

Buying cars is our passion. If you are looking to sell your car quickly, then come to us for an expedited and professional business transaction. Even if your car is old junk not worthy of another owner, we will pay a negotiable price for your vehicle. Don't let the vehicle's condition deter you from getting the money you rightly deserve.

Cash For Cars Now does not sell cars. We have simply dedicated ourselves to the business of buying cars from private parties.

Our Evironmental Dedication:

Our fundamental belief is not to waste, but to recycle. Vehicles that have lived a long life that can no longer safely run on the roads are taken to the scrap yard as part of the vehicle recycling process. These metal parts are then taken to the steel mills, processed, recycled and placed back into consumer use. This process saves the earth energy and natural resources such as oil. It also lessens the waste dumped in our landfills.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that recycling metal reduces energy use up to 75% versus producing new steel. This, in turn, lessens the need for mining which can be very dangerous not only to the environment, but to the miners as well. So through vehicle recycling, we are all doing our part to lessen our carbon footprint.

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